Putting Horses First Magazine

Welcome to the “Putting Horses First” Magazine page.

“Putting Horses First” Magazine is a new digital magazine that is dedicated to those of us who share our lives with horses but maybe see ourselves as guardians rather than owners. For us, our horses are our friends and partners, not a ‘vehicle’ to compete on or a piece of ‘sports equipment’.

This magazine for those who consider their horses needs and well-being as a priority and for those who want to find useful, positive and holistic information, people, products and services who share those values.

It’s important to remember that we are all at different stages in our journey and I would like this magazine to try to ‘bridge that gap’ – after all, we are all trying our best to put our horses first and between us we have a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas that are valuable and useful to share between ourselves and those just embarking on this journey.

Some readers may be taking their first steps away from conventional horse society and testing the water, while others may be fully integrated into a more holistic and balanced life with their horses. Wherever we are, we are all here for our horses…..and I want to involve as many of us as possible in this magazine from professionals talking about their services and sharing knowledge to the every day horse guardian trying to do their best for their horse sharing what’s worked for them or where they might be stuck.

For this reason articles are likely to be wide-ranging, and include many ‘ways’ and ‘techniques’ that we may or may not subscribe to. The key ‘benchmark’ is that whatever is included must ‘put the horse first’. I want this magazine to become somewhere we can all learn from each other and not made to feel isolated or uncomfortable – something I have seen and experienced a great deal in the horse world.

We are all teachers and we are all students and together we truly can create something special……

Advertising and business promotion aligned to these values will also be welcomed so that others can find the people they need when they need them

If anyone would like to write a piece for inclusion in a future issue of the magazine, have a look at the list of possible subjects that will fit with the ethos of the magazine first and if you feel that your piece would fit, then please get in touch and I’ll give you some information on what I will need. Please note: as this is a new venture I am not in a position to pay for pieces submitted and used in the magazine, however in lieu of this I would be really happy for you to promote your business or service and provide contact details for people so that they can follow up with you if they have enjoyed your article.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and lets see if we can create a magazine to rival those more conventional and in many cases less ‘horse-friendly’ magazines on the shelves 

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