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To find out more about the project, why not have a look at our Facebook pages and groups:

The Free Spirit Ponies (page)

This is the main page for the stories and ‘happenings’ at the field, for thoughts and feelings about our herd and what they have taught us and to ‘follow the herd’ through their lives and our ‘journey’ to make their lives as natural and happy as possible.

The Free Spirit Ponies Project (page)

This is where you’ll find details of all of the workshops, talks, training, advice and support sessions to help with keeping your horses naturally, bitless and barefoot as well as developing yourself into the guardian your horse already knows you can be!  It’s also the place to find ideas, events and ways to help with raising vital funds for Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary – part of our Free Spirit family and for The Free Spirit Ponies project to continue and to extend our mission of promoting positive horse guardianship based on friendship, trust, partnership and nature, through example and education.

The Free Spirit Ponies Shop (page)

This is where you will find all the products available to purchase from bitless bridles to browbands and reins, dreamcatchers, dog leads and collars, posters and books…..

In Celebration Of Horses (page)

This page has been set up at the request of the horses we love and share our lives with. So many of us have amazing, heartwarming, happy, special and above all unique stories about the horses, ponies and other equines that we meet, look after, laugh with and cry with.This page is for all of us to share those stories with each other ‘in celebration’ of the equines that have changed our lives.

Free Spirit Farm (page)

This page will be dedicated to making the dream of The Free Spirit Farm Project a reality. Together we could create lots of small sanctuaries…..havens…..refuges….places where we can all remember who we are and what’s important and help others to find these ‘places’ too. It may be we create these spaces within areas we already find special: on our own land, gardens or spaces or we encourage the conservation and protection of woods, forests, gardens, parks and natural open areas around us and visit them as ‘re-connection points’ and encourage others to do the same.

Here you find more details of the project, how you can get involved, how to help as well as ideas and ways to enjoy the benefits of reconnecting with nature, research and papers supporting the importance of the space that Free Spirit Farm and other natural spaces will create, both for all of us and for the animals living and visiting there.

The Free Spirit Ponies Project (group)

This is our ‘forum’ for sharing information, research, thoughts and experiences about our horses and ponies and chatting things through or asking questions

Putting Horses First (group)

This is more of a general discussion group for those who choose to put their horse first – here you’ll find people, services, places and information that has this in mind.


Or you can contact us by email at: or through the contact form below.

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