Some reading material for you…..

Three books poster

For those of you following us on Facebook, you will probably have seen that I have been taking up a new challenge!  In addition to holding workshops locally in East Sussex, UK and facilitating our various groups and pages on Facebook, I have been writing.

So, far there are three books for you to choose from – each a bit different… and there are plenty more to come.

Quality Time Activities” for you and your horse – is for all horse owners but especially those whose horses and ponies may not be able to be ridden, either temporarily or permanently, for whatever reason or who chose not to ride, to enable both horse and owner to enjoy a fulfilling relationship. Most of the time we just turn up at the yard, do the jobs we need to do, catch our horses, groom them, tack them up and ride – why not become a bigger part of their lives, create a better bond and understanding and take some of the pressure of yourself! All of the activities are designed to enable you to develop a much better relationship with your horse and are all based on the principle that our horses and ponies are and always should be seen as our friends and partners – available as a paperback or e-book

The Free Spirit Pony Diaries – ……or perhaps this should be titled ‘The journal of a slightly ‘odd’ horsewoman, her infinitely patient ‘other half’, 13 independent ponies (including the ‘just a bit too big to be ponies’ ones), 3 hilarious pigs and 5 very energetic Jack Russells’. When I first moved to East Sussex, UK over a decade ago, with 7 ponies in tow to ‘start a riding school’, little did I know that the ponies had other ideas….. 12 years later and we are on a very different path – a far better and more rewarding one but one which has challenges all of it’s own! Inside the covers of this book you’ll find our journey between November 2011 and December 2014, exactly as it happened and as it was recorded on our Facebook Page – The Free Spirit Ponies – the ups and downs; the tears and the laughter, but most of all, you’ll find the story of how our horses reminded me of what it really means to love horses – available as a paperback or e-book

Taking Care of your Pony – This is a book for children and young people about how to look after a pony in the way a pony really needs. Told through the ‘voice’ of Toffee the Shetland Pony, it explains how to have fun and understand their pony and why they do they things they do, how to feed them properly and how to work and play with them in a kinder, more natural way. Toffee also covers subjects like ‘getting older’ and ‘saying goodbye’ as well as how to handle times when they ‘don’t agree’. If your horses and ponies could recommend a book for young people to read it would probably be this one! Available as a paperback.

Please have a look if you get a chance and feel free to recommend these to anyone who you think might be interested.